Stairs Workout

Santa Monica Stairs (in front of 536 Adelaide Dr.) Santa Monica, CA


FIND US AT THE TOP OF WOODEN STAIRS ON ADELAIDE…..we'll meet there and then move West.


This is a workout wrapped in another workout. We'll work on cardio and anaerobic conditioning by walking/running/jumping up a 10 story set of stairs. At the top, we'll do conditioning drills (Supramaximal, HIIT, Tabata) and a gang of Pushups.


This is the workout that makes people stop and watch. While others consider The Stairs a workout, this crew treats the stairs like a rest between bouts of intense activity.


This is a very challenging class, but all levels of fitness are welcome.


You can expect to burn about 800 calories.Free parking on Adelaide Dr.


Bring some water, a towel, and your running shoes. Sabertooth Fitness will provide any gear needed for the session.


(Drop in rate is $10)

Intermediate / Advanced Boot Camp Class - Stairs Workout



4505 Las Virgenes Rd
Calabasas, CA 91302

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