The Bodies App: The World’s First Truly Open Fitness Platform

Bodies is the first true open platform. It allows trainers from all different locations, in all different art forms which we call “Activities” to connect with all different types of space providers or “Hosts”, both residential and commercial, both private and public, so that Coaches and space providers can provide the maximum number of fitness locations to provide the greatest amount of convenience to Fitness Seekers.

It allows workouts to take place at the homes of Fitness Seekers, or the workplaces of Fitness Seekers, or the third-party homes of other people who want to monetize their space, or other commercial locations such as hotels, large residential complexes, large office spaces. Anyone or any entity that has space available that can be used for physical fitness along with the desire to monetize their space is a perfect candidate for the Bodies platform.

Parks, beaches, community centers, residences, along with studios and health clubs, all become perfect places for Bodies sessions to be performed.

The true power in the Bodies platform does not come from the fact that there will be an incredible supply, a never before seen or imagined supply of fitness locations available for sessions, but from the fact that trainers will be unshackled from the confines of the existing health and fitness gym guidelines and rules and regulations to create creative, imaginative, effective exercise regimens never-before-seen or implemented. Because of the fact that trainers will be looking at particular demographics that have never before been targeted through the standard health club model. They will be able to create and invent new workouts, incredibly motivational workouts designed for its specific target market that will produce great results for its users.

Trainers who wish to focus on the senior market will be able to design programs that are specifically suited to their needs. Coaches who wish to focus on the overweight youth market can likewise design fitness routines that younger people can truly appreciate and find incredibly fun to perform. Trainers who wish to target the oversized women-only market can likewise design programs specific to their needs such that all three factors: affordability, convenience, and continual motivation, are provided in excess.

Because of the Bodies open platform, coach creativity and ingenuity can flourish and thrive at never before seen levels.

Additionally, because of the fact that Bodies changes the supply and demand of fitness locations and fitness instructors, trainers will be able to provide much more affordable solutions to the general population. Because of the fact that trainers can now provide their services in public spaces and are free to contract with residential as well as commercial operators and can privately contract on their own, trainers will be able to take a much larger percentage of the revenues which ultimately leads to their ability to provide their services on a much more affordable cost per session basis which then will open the market to many other fitness seekers who are currently prohibited based on financial reasons to participate and succeed.


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