We're Offering Video Classes For Our Trainers And Coaches

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We are now offering a Bodies Trainer Video Series to help trainers and instructors with growing their fitness business. We will teach a video course once per week for one month, per series. The first first series is "How To Make More Money As A Fitness Trainer or Coach."

This valuable series may sound cliche, however our founder Bruce Gordon, really wanted to create a viable and sound business for each trainer that signs up on the Bodies App.

"Our trainers need to understand how to use our app but they also need to understand how to grow their fitness business. We want our trainers to succeed," explains Bruce Gordon.

Having over 30 years in the fitness and marketing industry, Gordon is creating an environment that will nurture clients and give the trainers an advantage over other business models. He believes that training coaches to be successful at developing creative workout sessions is the key to keeping clients motivated and encouraging loyalty.

The Bodies App Video Series will cover topics such as "How To Use the App," "How to Market to a Larger Audience," "How to Manage Your Time With Bodies App," and a whole series of valuable tips and courses to get our trainers on the right track for success.

To sign up as a trainer, email us at [email protected] to take advantage of our Bodies Trainer Video Series.


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