Independent Coach

What Type of Coach Are You?

I can train my clients anywhere, including my home, a gym/studio that accepts independent coaches, your home, or any registered location that I can rent.

Employed By Gym

I work for a gym/studio and have an agreement that I can only train clients that have a membership at that gym.

  • I register my home and any other location that I use to train my clients

  • I must have insurance

  • I need to make sure of the location's insurance needs,

Entrepreneurial Coach

I make 80%, Bodies 20%

  • Every time a Coach teaches an “At-Home” workout, the Coach makes 80% of the session price.  

  • If the Coach teaches at a public venue such as a park or beach, and this venue doesn’t charge a fee, the Coach makes 80% of the session price.

  • If a Coach privately contracts with any public or private party that provides the space, all 80% is paid directly to the Coach.  This encourages Coaches to find Locations where they can pay out less than 30% as a space rental fee.

  • Public parks, private residences, commercial spaces, even monthly rentals at health clubs, gyms and studios, any place where the coach can negotiate a more favorable rate.

  • In these situations, the Coach may not make 80% exactly of every session he/she teaches, but it may be a much higher percentage than just 50%.

I make 50%, Host makes 30%, Bodies 20%

  • If the coach uses a place that is already a HOST

  • I have to contact my gym make sure that I am on their insurance docs and that Bodies is add to their insurance policy.

  • I have to contact my gym and have them register as a HOST

  • Then my gym will add me as a trainer

  • Or I can train my own clients as long as I do not train them in the gym and the client does not have a membership at the gym.

I make gym salary, Host makes 30%, Bodies 20%

I make 80%, Bodies 20%

The more registered PLACES that we have, the more sessions we can do!



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