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Kelly has always had a passion for health and fitness and initially began her career in Personal Training a little over 15 years ago in Thousand Oaks.  She is very skilled at getting to know her clients personally, and works to come to a thorough understanding of their goals, capabilities, and limitations.  She figures out what a client is physically capable of handling in a session, then pushing them to their own personal limits.  She works very well with injuries and setbacks, and realizes that just about everyone has some issue, limitation, or injury with which to work around.  Having many injuries and orthopedic surgeries herself (including hip, knee, foot, and hamstring surgery), she is skilled at not only working around an injury, but in strengthening the body in a way that will support optimal functioning post-injury as well.

For clients looking to lose body fat while increasing lean body mass, I structure workout sessions to keep your heart rate elevated and work multiple muscle groups simultaneously to maximize calorie burn.  

She is particularly skilled at working with clients whose primary goal is weight loss. She combines exercises in a creative, unique way to ensure that her clients’ heart rates stay elevated, burning maximum calories. She puts great thought into the combination of exercises she plans for a client’s session, ensuring a total body, calorie burning, strength building session. 



  • Strength Training

  • Corrective Exercise


  • Balance/Functional Movement

  • Yoga

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  • Westlake Village

  • In-home

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As a mom of three girls, she also has a heart for youth and teen fitness, and has worked with a number of young girls to build strength and confidence.  

Kelly loves what she does as a Personal Trainer and brings her passion to each and every session.

In addition to having earned an NASM and PTA Global training certifications, Kelly is a Registered Yoga teacher.  She holds a Vinyasa yoga certification, as well as a Yoga Scult certification.  She has a particular passion for Vinyasa or “Power” yoga, and feels that yoga can be an incredible way to strengthen the body.  Her yoga background allows her to create total body, challenging workouts that include mat work (think planks), as well as dumbbell, cable, and TRX work.

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