Bruce P. Gordon

Founder & CEO

  • Over 30 years of CEO Experience in the Health & Fitness and Digital Marketing Spaces

  • Started the extremely successful Bodies in Motion health club chain that produced over $300,000,000 revenues.

  • Pioneered the Boxing & Kickboxing For Fitness Programs

  • Created The World’s Largest Female Boxing & Kickboxing For Fitness Program with over 75,000 Participants

  • Over 10 Years of Digital Marketing Business Ownership, $40,000,000 in sales and $800,000/year in profits on average.

  • Over 30 Years of Software Development Experience

  • Developed Successful Businesses in Multiple Spaces including Health & Fitness, Digital Marketing, Collections, Manufacturing, Fitness Equipment Wholesale & Retail

Bruce Gordon has more than thirty years of experience building businesses that inspire his passion, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in a variety of spaces, including the fitness industry. He has always been a partner, CEO or Founder of all of his companies for the last thirty years. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics/Physics from The University of California at Berkeley, and he has written the software that helps run a number of businesses, but his expertise goes beyond the technological realm. He was one of the first to see the value of instructional fitness in a health club environment, bringing disciplines such as yoga and pilates into gyms, and he was the visionary who saw that boxing could be rebranded as fitness for people of all walks of life, and specifically marketed to women, generating the kickboxing trend and helping to make serious workouts fashionable. With Bodies, he sees an opportunity to make health and fitness easier and more accessible for millions of people, continuing his track record of innovation that improves people’s quality of life.


Bodies in Motion generated approximately 300 million in sales, had over 500 employees, and can be credited with pioneering many of the largest fitness trends in the fitness industry today.  


Soon after the successful sale of the Bodies in Motion clubs, he realized that he excelled at digital marketing and growing businesses.  He was one of the first users of digital marketing techniques when he started marketing Bodies in Motion. He studied SEO and PPC, and creating websites when no one was using the internet like we do now.  It came natural for him to open his own digital marketing company in 2007.


With his digital marketing company, he created, built and ran one of the largest digital marketing companies in the world with thousands of clients.  Over the last 10 years his marketing companies have generated over $40 million in revenues, and averaged approximately $800,000 in profits over the last 7 years.  


To this day Bruce is still active in sales and marketing and runs the day-to-day of eMarketing Concepts and the Bodies App.  He is also heavily involved in developing the app and designing the UX/UI for Bodies App.


4505 Las Virgenes Rd
Calabasas, CA 91302

(800) 970-6903


[email protected]

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